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Introducing Ndeliver Logistics

Ndeliver is a  platform offering a new opportunity to have your goods and services managed and transported by one of the most knowledgeable group of distributors in Victoria.


 Everyday, every week, every month, Ndeliver distributors offer a service of distribution that is backed with service standards, suburban business and households knowledge that is second to none.


Our Platform

Every Day, these distributors interact with retailers, supermarkets, businesses and schools via their committed fleet of staff, warehouses and vans.

Daily, they deliver to:-

  • 1531 small retail businesses

  • 447 schools and colleges

  • 135 major retail newsagencies

  • 159 major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths

And this is managed through our 21 warehouses and a fleet of 87 vans around Metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong.


Ndeliver logistics distributors visit these sites every day, every week and
every month.

So whether it's engaging with the 500 newsagents that distribute product
early every morning, or the 21 plus warehouse operations that have the
structure and assets to take on more distribution work throughout the day,
Ndeliver logistics can meet your distribution, warehousing and management

To get in touch with the Ndeliver logistics team, visit our contact us page.